// Preview: Alicia.

Got a chance to shoot with one of the chillest person I know. Her first time doing an actual shoot and I have to admit, probably one of my best set this year.

// I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with an awesome mermaid, Haleigh. Despite the extreme heat of that day, she braved wearing a beanie and denim shirt, as a result, we got some amazing shots! From Center City to South Street, we walked in search of cool spots, having fun on the way. We ended up having a late lunch at this Chinese place before departing.

// Taylor & Zeke.

// Spent a lovely day with this beautiful woman. Always a great time, Cess is one of the coolest, nerdiest and most awesome person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I’m glad that you’re in my life, I love you babe!

// Daze - Part 2

Continuing the great weekend, we met up with other photographers and got a chance to meet more amazing shooters. We had a short tour of the Row Boat Houses. I wasn’t interested in the shoot as much as I was interested in doing more street photography. Here are some more shots from the weekend.

// Daze - Part 1

Great weekend with cool friends, walked around the city taking pictures. I’ve been wanting to work on my street photography and this was just a great opportunity to get it started again. Kinda fell out a year ago when I wanted to focus on shooting models, I feel like this would help me develop a new way of shooting and a new way of looking at each frame. It was over all a great day, we ended up seeing the sunset on the rooftop of Marriot.

// Had another opportunity to work with Katt and this time we did an actual pinup inspired shoot. We walked around Old City, Philadelphia through some cool looking neighborhood alleys. I didn’t realize how much she looks like Audrey Hepburn in some of these pictures until I was in the process of editing them. The team did a great job making this happen!

Model: Katt Wilkins.
MUA: Keri Stanford.
Hair Stylist: Lauren Ackrivo.
2nd Photographer: Christian Rodrigez.

You can see the entire set here: http://clients.kojisese.com/thelovelydaze